Another Show


8X10 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.
A photographic quality print of this painting is available for sale in my Etsy shop for $13.

This is one of three paintings I entered into the Anaheim Art Associations Annual Art show today. I also entered "Orange Cliffs of Del Mar" which you can see here in my blog. It got an honorable mention in the Orange Art Assoc. Show. The volunteers taking in the artwork were very complimentary. I am hoping to get at least one painting juried into the show. It's very nerve wracking trying to pick three paintings you feel have a chance of making it in. You never know what the judge is looking for. What if he or she doesn't like Impressionism?

A lot of artists I've talked to are afraid of putting their work in front of people and opening themselves up to criticism. It is difficult working to the best of your ability, putting you heart into a painting and then having a stranger walk by and say, "That's awful! What was she thinking?" (Yes, that has happened to me - about a month ago in fact.)

But, you have to. When someone walks by and says, "WOW!" That far outweighs the scorn.

I painted this in a very public spot near the beach. Probably 100 people walked by me, some were kind, some were bewildered. The painting seemed to paint itself that day and I was happy with the result. Ultimately, that's what matters.

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