Fine Artist

9X12 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.
$85 (Shipping $11 within the U.S. or $20 for Canada)

It seems really weird to me to be able to call myself an artist. In college painting was something I always wanted to do but knew my parents would never let me major in such risky profession. Oh how I envied the students that studied ceramics, glass blowing and painting full-time! For me painting class was just an elective that I needed the credits from in order to graduate. I would leave painting class telling myself over and over that it wasn’t really THAT much fun…I could live a very happy life if I never picked up a paintbrush again. HA!

Near the end of college a writing teacher asked all of us to close our eyes and visualize what exactly we wanted to be doing in five years time. What popped into my head is surprisingly similar to my life today. In the image I was sitting painting at an easel and my husband walked in the door and kissed me hello.

Funny that for so many years I worked as a graphic designer and managed to talk myself out of working in the fine arts field and yet here I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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