People Skills

Today I was practicing my people skills. When you paint in an Impressionist style it’s a challenge to simplify and abstract the figure enough to still read as a figure but also be loose and expressive.

What do you think, are they too loose or just expressive enough?

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Kim Weber said…
Good job on your "people", Kim!
Lidy said…
Good painting Kim!
Looking for my nice on the internet (Kim Weber) I passed your blog. And as you have a Dutch last name - and I being Dutch (Lidy Poll-Weber) I was bit curious.
Kim Weber said…
Hi Lidy,
Weber was my married name-German. My father-in-law was Rueben Weber. My family name is Gustavsson, my father was an immigrant from Sweden.
I saw your blog-your paintings are lovely.
The best to you in finding your neice.
Kim Weber
VanDerHoekArt said…
Hi Lidy and Kim! I'm glad the two of you got in touch even though you are not related. I wish you the best in your search Lidy! I'll contact you if I happen to meet another Kim Weber.

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