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7 facts about myself;
1. I just got a box of chocolate covered strawberries from my husband for Valentine's Day.
2. Today I bought a swimsuit that I am having second thoughts about. (Might have something to do with eating a box of chocolate covered strawberries.)
3. I am a 3rd generation California native.
4. I've had 2 colds in 2 months.
5. Every time I hop in the car I wish I could go paint.
6. I'm heartbroken that my son doesn't like to color.
7. When I was 13 I won second place in a horseback riding competition.

I am tagging;
Dewberry Fine Art
Kim Weber Art
A Daily Painter
It's All Fun and Games


Rick said…
I'm glad you posted a comment on my blog, it reminded me that I had not visited yours for a little while now. I'm always impressed by your work - what you do in such a small space impresses me.

I can relate to your comment about your son not coloring - none of my daughters picked up the drawing bug - but the youngest is kind of crafty - her art is 3D.

Thanks for visiting.

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