Sweet Trio

”SWEET TRIO” by Kim VanDerHoek.

9 X 12 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.
$65 (Shipping $11 within the U.S., $20 for Canada or $28 for everywhere else)

I was stuck inside with a horrible cold this week so I didn’t get out to paint.

This is my son’s favorite fruit, beautiful juicy peaches. When I buy them at the store they never last more than a day in our house.

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.vanderhoekart.etsy.com


TheresaJ said…
I feel the same way about peaches! How old is your son?

After nearly a month of being without a computer due to it's crashing, I am now up and running again. So, just stopping by to say hi and admire your beautiful paintings. :)

Can you believe it's already February?!!

- Theresa
TheresaJ said…
One more thing... you've been tagged!

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Hi Kim,
Missed you Saturday. Hope your feeling better. I like the peaches. They look furry.

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