”SKYLIGHT” by Kim VanDerHoek.

4 X 6 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

Halfway through this painting the clouds lit up and I had to work quickly to capture their magic on canvas. I pushed the color in the sky a bit to make it more dramatic.

I am thinking of entering it into the “Art That’s Small In City Hall” art exhibition in Laguna Beach. If it makes it into the show I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!

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This turned out great. It would make a very nice larger painting as well. You handle the thick juicy paint well. And being there that day, you made a wonderful painting out of a very gray and cold day. I would love to be more critical, but I like it the way it is.
I noticed you have really been selling. I may want to talk about that a little bit one of these days.
DAMdesigns said…
As always love your work
TheresaJ said…
What a gorgeous painting!!! But then, that's what you do, gorgeous paintings! :)

Your comment on my blog cracked me up! Maybe, because I don't consider myself an artist and do not draw or paint on paper or canvas, I have less expectations and am less critcal of myself. I'm just having fun. I started facepainting when my son was in kindergarten. I would go to his class every Friday and do cheek painting (or sometimes arm tatoos) on the kids for 25 cents a cheek/arm as a way to raise class money for supplies, etc. I'd just sit in the back of the class with my paints all day and the kids would be sent to me one by one. This had been something the class was doing long before my son and I were on the scene, and I volunteered my time as I was generally creative and this little assignment appealed to me. I painted two classrooms worth of kids - so about 60-70 kids every Friday for a whole school year. Lots of Little Mermaids and Ninja Turtles back then. The paints were always out at my house as well though my kids growing up years -- just painting my kids and their friends when they were over... and that turned into painting lots of faces, friends and family, on Halloween, which sparked an interest in theatrical makeup, so I helped out at school plays and performances. My son is now almost 22. Along the way, my confidence grew as I realized that no matter what I did on someone's face, they always loved it, adults and children alike. It's hard to make a mistake and easy to fix if you do. I use Kryolan paints, which are used by the pros, as they are magic to work with, and I have lots of reference books. No cheapo Halloween store makeup for me. :)

Thanks for the comment though. And you should try it some time. It's such a fun way to interact with kids. They don't have the inhibitions adults do and have such creative minds. It's always such a pleasure.

- T
Cheryl said…

I found you off of one of your comments on Dawn's Because I Said So Blog. Your name caught my eye and I had to check it out. Your art is wonderful. I used to draw but haven't done it in forever. I'm adding you to one of my list of blogs. :) Now, I may be mistaken but are all of your original pieces done on small canvases? I think that may be what is holding me back... I'm used to seeing huge pieces. Anyway, keep up the great work.
VanDerHoekArt said…
Thanks for visiting my blog Cheryl!

You are right, most of my paintings are on smaller canvases. Between 4 X 6 and 9 X 12. Recently, I've started painting on 12 X 16 which is large for me. Smaller paintings are much faster to paint when I'm outside and for some reason I loosen up a lot and end up with bold juicy brushwork, which I love.

BTW, I love this photo of your boys in the tree! Very cool, I might have to steal the idea and use it with my family.
Gina said…
Gorgeous, Kim! I can't wait to see if you made the show. You are so very talented! See you soon! Gina

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