Step By Step 1

Recently, a collector of mine asked me to paint a larger version of one of my paintings. I thought you might enjoy seeing each stage of the painting process. This was done in the studio so I did work a little differently but basically the overall steps are the same.

First, I started out using a thin wash of ocher to draw in my shapes.

Next, I put in the under-painting on the tree trunks and the leaves.

Then I added highlights on the leaves and added color and interesting brushwork to the tree trunks.

The final photo shows my easel, which lives in a small corner of my dining room (a grand studio, for sure). At this point I’ve blocked part of the background vegetation. The most difficult part at this point is keeping myself from going back and overworking every little detail. I have to keep telling myself to leave it alone or I’ll kill the spontaneity and the bold brushwork.

Next time I’ll post the final steps leading to the completion of this painting.

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ThePeachTree said…
This was such a wonderful idea!! I really enjoyed seeing how you work with the progression of the piece :)

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