Step By Step 2

In the next phase of this painting I've added the sky color and more of the background shapes. I'm paying close attention to the edges where the leaves meet the sky. If the edges are too clean then the painting will look overly focused. I am also adding sky holes in the leaves and smudging them a bit.

The foreground brush goes in next. At this point I'm trying not to over-mix my paint so that each stroke has some color variation.

Finally, I work in my ground color, yellows and oranges for the sunlit spots. I could have made the shadow of the tree all one color but then it would have lacked depth. And it was a perfect opportunity to work in some color from other parts of the canvas to give the overall painting harmony.

My signature was all it needed at this point.

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Debs said…
Totally gorgeous! Debsx
Pablo Díaz said…
A very good and useful tutorial to learn to paint. Thanks to share it.
Ambera said…
I never get tired of seeing step by steps. Great painting!

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