Art That's Small at City Hall 2008

While running around trying to find frames in time for the Art That's Small at City Hall show in Laguna Beach. I had to face reality, I am a mother of a very active 3 year-old and can't spend hours trying to frame awkward sized artwork. That said, I decided to make my busy life easier and frame the painting you see above. It is a standard size and I happened to have a very nice frame at home for it. Ta da!

You can see "Swaying Palms" in person at City Hall in Laguna Beach, CA, 505 Forest Ave. next to the fire station in town. The show runs March 31 - May 1, 2008. City Hall is open Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. All of the artwork on display is 12 inches or smaller. It includes oil paintings, watercolor, acrylic, photography and mixed media.

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Anonymous said…
Congrats on City Hall! The painting is beautiful.
Sometimes I run around like a lunatic, looking for the perfect item for a display, only to realize that I have something that would work perfectly, hanging on my wall, up in the attic or sitting on a table.
I understand completely:)
Stop by when you have a chance, I'm thinking of getting a small blog group together to share some off Etsy, promo/marketing ideas.
TheresaJ said…
What a great concept for an art show, allowing for shows in smaller spaces. Hope you get lots of great feedback and contacts!

- Theresa

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