Morning Shore

”MORNING SHORE” by Kim VanDerHoek.

9 X 12 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.
$85 (Shipping $12 within the U.S., $20 for Canada or $28 for everywhere else)

This turned out to be a funny spot to paint. I had situated myself next to a cliff for wind protection. Above me on the cliff are amazing beach houses. However, I failed to notice the pipes hanging over the edge of the cliff above me. In the middle of this painting the sound of pouring water splashing down next to me made me jump. Luckily, I had set up my gear far enough away to avoid getting wet. Throughout the day water would splash down next to me and then stop abruptly.

Otherwise, it was an amazing morning to paint in Laguna Beach!

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Rick said…
Maybe someone up the line was flushing their toilet.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I responded to your comment there.

Your art is so good. I really do wish I was as talented.
VanDerHoekArt said…
I was thinking the same thing Rick!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous, as usual:)
I started the idea/promo blog thing. Take a look when you have time.
The trials and tribs of a plein air painter. Is this the day I missed out on. Rich color once again. Nice comp and subject. Wish I were there.
william wray said…
Better and better . Keep working hard.
TheresaJ said…
Eeeewww -- I was thinking the same thing too -- hope it wasn't sewage! But then, it probably would have smelled. Let's just hope is was runoff from someone's garden.
Abbe Nelson said…
Very Nice, I hope to be as good and as effortless one day.

DAMdesigns said…
Omg laguna beach, whats it like over there? Looks great. Glad you didnt get wet! Awsome painting of course lol

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