Once Upon A Time

”ONCE UPON A TIME” by Kim VanDerHoek.

16 X 12 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.
$110 (Shipping $25 within the U.S., $35 for everywhere else)

I completed this painting at a Saturday morning workshop with Tom Brown. This was an exercise in putting together several elements from the surrounding landscape into the painting. For example, the house was in one spot and the trees were behind me. It was a good lesson on how to control the composition and soften color to create a mood.

My goal was to create a composition that would focus your attention on the house. Tom set the task of using color that would give the painting the feel of an illustration. It was challenging! Usually when I am lost as far as color or composition, I look to the landscape for the answers, this time I had to figure them out for myself and really think the whole process through. A great exercise to be sure!

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.vanderhoekart.etsy.com


As always - GORGEOUS!!

I am saving for one of your pieces!!

Headed to etsy now!
Pablo Díaz said…
Nice colors, nice composition, nice all :) Good job, Kim.
TheresaJ said…
Gorgeous!!! -- the first word that popped into my head... and then I look at the comment below, and she used the same word, so it must be true!!!

As for the See's comment on my blog, LOL -- I actually never really liked it growing up -- just the plain chocolate balls, eggs, santas, or bunnies at the holidays. I do think they have the best plain chocolate. I never liked the boxed stuff, but as I matured, so did my taste buds and I do like a lot of it now. However, I just don't get as excited about it as most people, I guess because it's around all the time.

And yes, thank God Chihoo is okay!
- T
Really nice. It really does have a "Once Upon A Time" feel. Good title. So funny we just did it again in Tom's night class. I posted it today. Like yours best. See you Saturday??
Love it, perfect title. Like yours best.
Rick said…
I think Tom is coping your style - you should be teaching him.

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