Jim Wodark

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch one of my favorite artists, Jim Wodark, paint at the LPAPA Paint Out in Crystal Cove State Beach. He painted a very complicated scene that included a picket fence and buildings in the background. I've included a photo of his finished painting.

It was interesting to see how he begins a painting. First, he tones the canvas, then using a towel and turps. he wipes off the large shapes in the composition so that he can check for placement. He makes any adjustments needed. The he pre-mixes 3 grays, light, med. and dark as well as several of the large colors that he'll need. He says this helps him keep his rhythm going even though he still adjusts each color before he puts it down. I noticed he spent a lot less time mixing color.

Over the course of the next 3 hours, while answering questions from all the other artists there, he painted. And like all amazing painters, he made it look SO easy! Be sure to check out his web site at www.JimWodark.com


TheresaJ said…
Thanks for sharing. It's great to see the artist in action and the final result.
Ed Terpening said…
I love Jim Wodark's work too, so great to see this painting and the scene he interpreted. I didn't know he used grays in this way, but it certainly makes sense.

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