View From The Montage


9X12 inch PRINT of an original oil painting.
$13 (Shipping $3 within the U.S., $4 for Canada or $6 for everywhere else)

Some days everything just comes together when I am out painting. The painting I posted today is the result of one of those moments. After pushing paint around for weeks and not liking the end result, it was so nice to pull this one off! I honestly feel it is one of my best to date.

This was done at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. Most paintings done at this spot include the famous Keyhole Rock, but I wanted to focus on the amazing atmospheric view beyond the Keyhole.

I’ve also posted a picture of my new EasyL easel on location in Laguna Beach.

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TheresaJ said…
Wow, Kim, I have to agree -- this one is AMAZING!!! Again, I love the purples and blues, and the background looks so real, it's almost like a photograph. Definitely a favorite of mine, if not my actual favorite. I also love the one below. It's such a treat to visit your blog and follow your progress. Thanks again for sharing!
- Theresa
Kim this is great. Your colors the atmosphere even the buildings in the distance. Just enough. I see a marked change in your work and developement. How is the oil paint?
Pablo Díaz said…
Great work, Kim, I love it. My favorite of your paintings too. I´m going to use it like my new wallpaper, to give splendor to my screen ;)

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