San Gorgonio View

”SAN GORGONIO VIEW” by Kim VanDerHoek.

8 X 10 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

Last week my husband and I were able to take a week long vacation in the Big Bear Mountains. There was lots of hiking and painting involved, including a few days of lounging around (an absolute luxury for a parent). It was heavenly! I often wonder what I did with all my free time before I became a mother.

A year ago we tried hiking to a spot where we could see Mt. San Gorgonio. It took all day and when we reached the top it was too windy to paint. Not this year however. We found a 4-wheel drive road that led to a trailhead. From there it was a short hike to this spot with a perfect view of San Gorgonio.

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Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful!...and I love how you show where you painted it from - the more I look at your paintings, the more I realize that I'll have to make it to CA someday:)
I'm one of those "never been west of the Mississippi" people, you know us New York/New Jersey people get scared if we leave our comfort zone:)
Hope all is well - I have another big show coming up in July, the vanderhoek business cards will be flying!
Kim this is really quiet lovely. I really like how the texture of the foregroung trees change from tree to tree. Color and brushwork really gives those trees a feeling of their own space. They also totally support the mountains circular composition. Cool!
TheresaJ said…
Beautiful painting! Sounds like the perfect vacation getaway. Good for you!

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