Villa Park Poles

”VILLA PARK POLES” by Kim VanDerHoek.

12 X 9 inch PRINT of an original oil painting.

It was an overcast afternoon when I painted this one. It was a great exercise in making an interesting painting out of a scene most people wouldn’t look twice at. William Wray was my inspiration, he can really make blight beautiful.

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Anonymous said…
I really like this one, Kim. The contrast is very striking.
Hope all is well and you're not experiencing the heat that we're having on the east coast:)
This is really good. Your gate and tree mass works very well as a value mass. You really got the abstract composition down. Very nice.
bsleven said…
Oh my Gosh Your paintings are so beautiful!
The fact that their scale it small makes them even cooler to me!

I like your work and isn't it great to be able to see beauty in the ordinary? I think that's one of the most exciting thing about being an artist. I just returned from a painting trip to Nova Scotia with my husband who read his way through 5 books in the two weeks.
It was marvleous.
I see you do the some of the same with your husband. Wonderful to be able to get out in nature and just breathe it all in!

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