Eucalyptus Avenue

9 X 12 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

My goal in this painting was to guide your eye into the painting starting on the pathway and ending at the light green trees in the background. This one I started outdoors, brought close to completion and finished at home. I think was beneficial to stop when I did, take another look at it later in the day and finish it that night. It allowed me to correct some colors and add details which really improved it overall.

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TheresaJ said…
Oh Wow... you make it so hard to have a favorite. I want all of them! Growing up with tons of towering Eucalpytus trees and in an area of SF (Bernal Heights) that looks so much like this painting, I feel like I've walked this path.
Anonymous said…
Great work, there's a serenity to your paintings, that I just love!
I'm off to complete my "tagged" assignment:)
This is how I would imagine Wales after a few 100 years warming up.

It would still be beautiful!!
Rick said…
Your work just keep getting better, and better. I'm being serious too. No funny comments this time.
rob ijbema said…
lovely stuff,this has got good atmosphere,depth and contrast...very strong painting

don't listen to rene,he talks jibberish!
Rick said…
The ear thing is really not all that amazing. I doubt it would make 1 second's worth of T.V. time. Thanks for stopping in Vandie.
Femin Susan said…
Anonymous said…
Nice work. I'm liking the shadows; I seem to have a thing for 'shadows' lately..........:)
This is a lovely painting, congratulations!

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