Laguna Beach Art Exhibition 2008

9 X 12 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

My painting “The Ultimate Perspective” has just been juried into the Laguna Beach Fine Art Exhibition. Perin Mahler, Chair of the Masters Program at the Laguna College of Art and Design was the judge.

The show will run from October 13th – November 26th.
Laguna Beach City Hall
505 Forest Avenue


Rick said…
Art supplies? I'm not sure. Wait a minute and I'll ask...

He said yes. So I guess there is. I'll see you there, if not before.
Rick said…
P.S. Another great piece of art. I'm always jealoous
Anonymous said…
Wow, I love this piece. I adore your painterly style of art and the feelings it evokes. (By the way, that painting of mine ended up cut from the frame and binned! lol) ;)
TheresaJ said…
Oooohhhh, I like this! It's so dramatic!

Thanks for visiting. :) As to your question, Annie's keys were also in my Ziploc, perhaps helping to weigh down the bag given the weight/air ratio, but we were happy all was recovered. I should do a Ziploc commercial! :)

As a side note, Annie had given them to me, asking me to leave them at my Mom's place, which isn't far from the beach, but when we got down to the beach, I realized they were still in my hand, so I popped them into my bag. When the canoe flipped, that was my first thought. I would have felt so responsible!
Sylvia Jenstad said…
Had to stop... very cool painting... love the sky ... the colours... I also love Three Sisters and Convict Canyon View

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