5 X 5 inch oil painting on panel.

Last week I finished a painting that was extremely difficult for me to complete (I’ll post it here in a few weeks). It was a street scene on an overcast day. Finishing it took the joy for painting out of me for a while and I wasn’t very happy with the way it turned out.

While trying to recharge my creative batteries I was looking at Carol Marine’s blog. Her still life paintings always inspire. I had just bought a pumpkin for Halloween and it seemed like a fitting subject. An hour and a half later I was done and I had so much fun painting it! I was able to use colors I normally don’t when painting outdoors, I was very comfortable inside, I didn’t have to drive anywhere and I finished it really quickly. Talk about satisfying!

What do you do to recharge your creative batteries?

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.vanderhoekart.etsy.com


WOW!! I LOVE this pumpkin! I love the texture and the wonderful color contrasts.
What a great way to recharge yourself!! So satisfying to do something well!
Thanks for dropping by my blog today.
oh kim i love this! so different from your other work, plus it's a pumpkin, i love pumpkins! i try and collect pumpkin paintings from other artists...wish the economy was different right now, i would buy this in a second!!

generally, when i need to recharge, i take a break, walk a way for a few days, don't go in my studio, but instead go out and shoot reference photos, study the subjects i like to paint in person. i just keep shooting pictures until i am so excited by what i've found that i have to get back in the studio right away. especially if i am feeling defeated by a tough painting.

i have one painting that has been haunting me. i can't seem to get it where i can see it in my head. so i stashed it away a few months ago in another room. i'm considering gessoing over it and starting it fresh. that helps me sometimes too, just start over.
David Lobenberg said…
Haven't visited your blog in a while. Glad I did. Love these pumpkins!
Got here from your comment at Virginia's blog and so glad I stopped by. This is a wonderful piece!

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