Santiago Brush

8 X 10 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

The tree on the left is the same tree you saw in my 10/12 post it’s just painted from a different angle.

Today, I wanted to play with values. Specifically, making the background recede and the foreground pop. I tend to want to emphasize everything and use over the top colors all the time. I’m easily overwhelmed by all the color I see in the landscape and have to carefully consider (and often reconsider) my choices. All the while I continually to ask myself what is each color doing, how is it supporting the painting as a whole?

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i really like the strong contrast between your foreground and background values, it strongly separates them and they play off each other very nicely.

what i've always liked most about your paintings are the colors. while your considerations have merit, sometimes experimenting and seeing how far you can go can be an opportunity for growth and sometimes failure, but at least you gave it a shot right. i'd love to see you just let go and really experiment with your color choices.
Ohhhh.... very nice! I like the light at the bottom of the tree and the strong brush strokes in the trunk!!
LOL...don't worry my daughter is headstrong, independent, and doesn't like help at all...usually the only thing she will cooperate with me on is drawing.

I think you go for it and play....worst case is you have to wipe. i know how hard it is to do that though. when you have limited time, you feel like every painting must be a good one because you'd hate to waste precious painting time.
TheresaJ said…
More sculpting I see... I like! :)
I love the way this turned out.

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