Santiago Eucalyptus

5 X 7 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

This is a quick study of a eucalyptus tree. I wanted to get the feel for the fall colors that are now appearing in the landscape. It was a fun little tree study and a great warm up for some other tree paintings that I’ll post here in the next few weeks.

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TheresaJ said…
Hi Kim -- thanks for stopping by --my blog. :) Yes, it would be great to meet in person, but perhaps some day our paths will cross.

Love the painting! I always love your trees. :)
Rick said…
That wouldn't be a quick study for me. It would take a lot of time to get something down that good.

You asked about the number of followers I have. I do a lot of blog surfing which brings people to my blog, and every now and then one of them signs up to be a follower. I think you would call it blog politicing.

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