Two With Sails

8 X 10 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

It was a hazy morning when I painted this one at Newport Harbor in Newport Beach. It looks like a peaceful scene doesn’t it? Well, harbors are busy places, especially early in the morning. There were loud boats motoring past, a huge fuel tanker unloading diesel fuel with it’s driver having a very loud conversation on his cell phone nearby and I was witness to a very heated exchange between 3 men that had something to do with a boat, fuel and the fact that one of the guys left his wallet in the car. I wish I was a faster painter, so that I could have captured it all on canvas!

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Kim this turned out like the foggy day it was. Very nice and peaceful looking, but I know the truth. Tight values and great atmosphere.
beautiful subdued values and colors. i can't believe you were sitting amongst all the chaos painting this. did anyone come over to see what you were doing? there is much more detail in this painting than some of your landscapes.
Anonymous said…
I also like the subdued colours in this. What an adventure you had painting with fist-fights on the verge of
Rick said…
See, I told you I would comment here.

Love, love, love this one Vandie. The muted colors really capture the feeling of the harbor in the morning. We have a little harbor where I live. Come up and paint it sometime. You and your hubby will be our guest.
Rick said…
I have a way with three year olds. Bring 'em on!!
TheresaJ said…
This is really beautiful Kim. So different from anything else in your shop. So much detail!

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