Water Tower View

10 X 8 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

Ever since my son started preschool a few weeks ago, my friend Dori Dewberry and I have been out painting. It’s been a blast getting to paint more than once a week! On this particular day we met at a great spot near my house that has amazing views of the city and hills. Unfortunately, when we got there the views were blocked by haze. Nearby was a trail behind some track homes and we both liked the view up the hillside of the water tower so, we set up our gear there. Around 11:30 the haze burned off and the amazing views returned but we were too far along into our paintings to stop.

As soon as our morning haze is gone here in the city of Orange (we’ve had it every day since that morning) we’ll go back and try again. There is a particular view of the city that I can’t stop thinking about painting…..

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.vanderhoekart.etsy.com


Anonymous said…
Wow, that's beautiful! There's a real wondrous atmosphere to the painting and something that makes me want to walk into it....weird, eh? Loving those shadows.
TheresaJ said…
Hi Kim -- Love this painting. I almost feel like I'm looking at at a painting done here in Brisbane, which is nestled in San Bruno Mtn, as the terrain is so similar, complete with the same type of water towers.

It's wonderful that you now have more time to paint!
TheresaJ said…
Thanks! I wish you could too! That would be such a treat!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Kim and it sounds like you're enjoying a little bit of the freedom that preschool brings:)
...as far as treasuries go
1. Go to Treasury West Here's the link http://www.etsy.com/treasury_west.php
2. The number of treasuries has to drop down to 222
3. There are 20 treasuries per page - so count how many you need to expire - then go to that page and see when the expiration is - that way you only do the sitting around and waiting part for maybe 15 minutes
Hope this makes sense:) Convo or email me if you have any questions:)
Kim said…
wonderful wonderful landscapes Kim :)
I have added my email address at the Top Artists' Directory now...
looking forward to receiving your image and bio
cheers Kim
What beautiful work:) I loved visiting your Etsy shop too. Thank you for stopping by my blog:)
Rick said…
Taking a quick break for a bite to eat and decided to check your blog out. As always, I love this piece. This one has an inspiring, up-lifting feel to it. Now, I've got to go get ready for a wedding.

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