Chilly Day at Newport

Remember in an earlier post when I talked about finishing a painting that really took the joy of painting out of me for a while? Well, this is the painting I blogged about.

You can see in the photograph that is was a gray, overcast day with no bright highlights or dark shadows. Everything was dull and beige. I worked and worked on this one but am still not happy with it. I decided to post it anyway but, I won't be offering it for sale in my shop because I don't feel like it's quite there yet.

What do you think?


hmmm. i see what you mean. i've looked at this a few times now and here's what is sticking out to me, my eye goes right to the vehicle. the key is much lower than the rest of the foreground and it sort of sticks out. i'm also distracted by the far right building and palm, i think it's because they are the three strongest elements (key & color). someone can tell me i'm an idiot, but i would suggest keying up your palm to set it back, and keying down the building to the left. bring your foreground down overall to match or at least closer to the vehicle.

that's my first impressions. otherwise i really like the composition, the sky is great. and i love the buildings. hope that helps!! i feel your pain, i'm in the same spot!!
Anonymous said…
It's so funny, before I read your post I looked at the pic and painting - My first thought was, "Look how she took something so drab and turned into something so beautiful"...then I read your post.
I am no artist, by any stretch of the imagination and I love all of your pieces but I think that this one impresses me the most. It's much more difficult to make drab beautiful than it is to make beautiful beautiful.
Thumbs up from me:)
Rick said…
I was going to comment on this one earlier but I guess I got distract. I think there is more hope to this one than you give yourself credit for. I will say that I think you stuggle with mechanical stuff like I do. The auto looks a bit like it's melting in the middle.

Now, please say something critical about one of my pieces so that I will feel better for having written that.

P.S. About the above painting. It amazes me how you make telephone poles look good.

There, I'm feeling better - but I did mean it.
TheresaJ said…
Well, as I am not a painter, I have no idea what keying up and keying down are, so I can't comment on that. That said, however, I really like it. Looking at the photo, which showed a rather gray and drab day, you gave the little street so much more life and color and the sky is beautiful. I like it. It reminds me of so many streets here in California that run right into the ocean. And the van in front is so California -- whether they be VW busses, Toyota vans, or otherwise -- they just so remind me of coastal living. So, my vote, for what it's worth -- I like it!

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