Greg LaRock Workshop

A week ago I took a workshop from a very talented plein air painter named Greg LaRock. The workshop lasted 3 days.

The first day Greg demonstrated his approach. He spoke about massing in shapes, composition, color choices, focal point, edges and his decision-making process thorough out. He also mentioned that he keeps a painting journal that chronicles all of the paintings he does. It helps him keep his goal of 200 paintings a year.

The second day we practiced painting simple studies. Focusing on masses with little or no detail. It was much harder then it sounds.

The third day he did another demonstration painting. He talked about perspective as it applies to the shore, people and how their heads all sit along the same sight line as well as working with rapidly changing light conditions. One this last day the winds were blowing so hard all of us had huge amounts of sand in our paintings and on our palettes. **You can see Greg's finished painting above.**

My favorite part of the workshop was when Greg would give a critique. At the end of each session he would line up all of our paintings from the day and offer suggestions and lots of encouragement.

He also said we should bring paintings from home that we had done on our own for him to look at. His advice to me after viewing several paintings of mine was invaluable! Now I’m off to practice, practice, practice everything I learned.


wow, great painting, it was nice of him to let you photo it. how fun. i wish that workshops like this came to my area. we have mostly beginner classes at all the art associations.
TheresaJ said…
What a wonderful experience! I love the painting in the last photo.
Rick said…
I think that would be a lot of fun to do. So, what did you learn about your art? (In 50 words or less.)

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