September Turning

10 X 8 inch Oil Painting on canvas board.

So, remember how I said I was tired of painting trees? Well, it was a very HOT day, there was this lovely shady spot next to this tree and seeing as how there wasn’t much else there to make a painting out of….

This was a joy to paint! I didn’t worry very much about detail. My brush was loaded with paint that I pushed into place – what a blast!

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TheresaJ said…
Ahhh, you blogged about my new favorite painting! This one just speaks to me. LOVE IT!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Kim - I love the colors!
Thanks for the p.c.'s - I've been handing them out everywhere!
I find that, even with my jewelry - just when I think that I've had enough of a certain style, I'll come across the greatest beads that force me to do more of the same thing:)...Karma's way of telling us that we're onto something
Rick said…
Vandie, I just can't imagine anyone writing anything mean about your art. This one is another example of your beautiful work. You've got talent. I see it, and so do many others.

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