Unleaded Please

8 X 10 inch oil painting on linen panel (by Raymar) and 5 X 7 inch study on canvas panel.

The second painting in this post is a small 5 X 7 study I did with a palette knife before I started the larger one.

My friend and fellow painter Dori Dewberry told me about this wonderful painting spot near my son’s preschool. Since I get about 2 1/2 hours to paint on the mornings he is on school we have to stay close enough for me to pick him up on time. Well, she found this amazing spot with oil derricks!

This location has so much to paint. I think we’ll work this spot for a couple of weeks because not only does it have these derricks, it also has dirt roads, mountain views, city views and neighborhood views.

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indiaartist said…
I am glad to visit here and I love Roma Red Gang. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
Rick said…
plate knife painting! You really are increasing your skills. I can't imagine - so much loss of control. They look good Vandie.
really great colors and atmosphere in this! i really like it alot. and i like how you did the study first, i really love when you work with a painting knife. it's great to see the changes you made, they were great decisions. i really need to do more studies first.
TheresaJ said…
I think I'm definitely a fan of the palette knife work. I love the sculptural, 3-dimentional aspect of these works. Both are wonderful, of course, but I think I'm just drawn to the heavy, sculptural paint in the palette knife work.

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