Bottled Promises

6X6 inch Oil Painting on 1/4” deep panel with recessed notch on the back for hanging.

The idea for this has been kicking around in my head lately. It’s a subject that I see becoming a series.

I’ve purchased my share of lotions that promise a better, younger version of what I see in the mirror. As a woman, there seems to be so much more upkeep that advertising has convinced me is necessary. The ads imply I’ll be prettier, happier and have more fun if I use them. But really, do these concoctions change anything?

The secret to youth, I think, has more to do with how I feel about myself and not what I put onto my face.

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TheresaJ said…
When the page opened, my first thought -- this is different! It's great to see you expanding your horizons, and I love the title!! Also, I totally agree with you! Can't wait to see more... :)
Kim this is very cool. I like the way it reads and the directional shapes. Isn't it amazing how beautiful these everyday cosmetic items can look in oil. Makes me want to pull out things from under my sink.
Anonymous said…
Your thoughts are so true - I've fallen victim to the many remedies myself...but the real beauty is in how you feel.
I like it and I'm looking forward to more in the series:)
The new blog giveaway is stop by if you have the chance, I really love this one:)

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