Christmas Wishes

7 X 5 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$50 – FREE Shipping

Here are some of the 2008 Christmas wishes from the VanDerHoek household.

1. Health and happiness to everyone.
2. A quick end to the recession.
3. An Optimus Prime Transformer (yes, my son helped with this list)
4. Peace.
5. Cookies with frosting and sprinkles on them.
6. A blue ringpop. (gotta love a kid who likes edible accessories)
7. Sees Candy (that’s my husband’s contribution to the list)
8. Being able to make a living doing what you love.
9. More time.
10. Joy.

Thank you for following my blog! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed painting my way through 2008. Wishing you a happy, healthy, joyful and blessed holiday season!

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Joan Breckwoldt said…
What a beautiful little painting! I found you through Jeremy Lipkings blog and thought I would stay a while. I especially like your entry today about your wishes for your household. I will add you to my 'favorites' so it's easy for me to find you again and I'll be back soon.
Kim, I love this. Your placement and brush work is great. It is very strong graphically. It should be your Christmas card. The kind you mail.
TheresaJ said…
Beautiful tree -- and I love the list with input from all family members. My Mom worked from See's Candies from age 16 through retirement at age 60, then at 65, went back to seasonal work, but just re-retired again after filling in for a vacation for a couple of weeks over the summer. Needless to say, her house is always full of See's Candies and it doesn't hold that special appeal for me as it does for everyone else. I think I have about a 4 pound stock box of "rejects" left over from my last show. Hmmm... I may know what to do with it now... :) I'll check for freshness first though.
Rick said…
"Optimus Prime Transformer" - very funny.

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