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6 X 8 inch Oil Painting on Raymar linen panel.

The day I painted this I actually had another painting in mind. But after working on the other one for a half hour the composition wasn’t working so I wiped it down and started this one.

Because I only had an hour before I needed to pack up and get my son from preschool I thought I’d just do a quick study of this particular machine. Each one looks a little different. Each has a unique patina, some are more rusted than others and two of them squeak. I wonder if the company that owns them has given them all names.

What do you think this one is called?

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TheresaJ said…
Interesting observations, Kim. You've given them more attention than the average passerby, but I'm sure the people who work with and on them know them intimately. Maybe they do have names... :)

I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

Happy new year! Let's hope it's a good one.

- Theresa
Rick said…
Your work is always unique.

Hey! I've started my giveaway over at my blog. Please come over and sign up for a chance to win a caricature by me.
r garriott said…
This is nice and gritty- great subject and rendition. I always thought of this equipment as looking like dinosaurs. Maybe its name is, 'Portrait of Derrick'. Or 'Dino'.
Sheila said…
Just wanted to say that I love the portrait you painted on DSFDF. I'm surprised not to see more portraits on your site. You're sooooo talented.
Kim, this oil derrick is just beautiful, and with such surprising colors. Love it!

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