Hanging Out

6 X 8 inch oil painting on linen panel.
$55 – plus FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!

Capturing the shine in these ornaments can be challenging. Now that I’ve painted them a few times this one went much faster. The thing I had difficulty with was painting on a black background. Karin Jurick starts out with a black canvas for most of her paintings and since the background in this one was black I thought it would be a good way to start. It took a little getting used to but I enjoyed it and am pleased with the finished painting.

What do you think?

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.vanderhoekart.etsy.com


Anonymous said…
I'm loving the richness of the green and red. A great little painting.
I really like the way this turned out.
TheresaJ said…
I love it! You captured the shine beautifully. Almost looks like a photograph. Love the other prior paintings as well. You've definitely got the holiday spirit.

It's been cold up here too. My daughter was just down in Disneyland with a few friends over the last weekend and said it was very cold down there as well. Stay warm! :)
Nancy Merkle said…
This is a lovely paintng! I haven't painted on a black background for ages, but this motivates me to consider it again.
Rick said…
You're just in the Christmas painting spirit of late. Very nice work - again. Hey, I'm going to try doing a live painting to music in front of our church at the Christmas Eve service - never done anything like that before - can't believe they're letting me do it. I hope that it turns out. I'm going to do a dry run tomorrow afternoon.
Alan said…
Very nice, someone has the Christmasy feeling.
Hey, was hoping you get a chance to come to Robot Nine and play the Picture Puzzle today.



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