Harbor Dingy - A Study

5 X 7 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

This is another study from the workshop that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It was so tempting to add in every inch of rigging to the boat, every shadow and detail but that wasn’t the lesson. After finishing this I see how simply I can state things to get the point across. I don’t need to paint the wings on the gnat on the side of the boat in order for you to tell that it’s a boat. But let me say that keeping it simple can be really complicated.

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Tom Pohlman said…
Hi Kim! I have been amazed to find so many other "designers-with-a-painting-problem" since making the jump to the painting scene in June (I am happy to be in such good company)!

When it comes to painting, I really have to fight my "illustrator" urges, so I am right there with you- simplifying my brains out. I think that's a major contributer to the mental exhaustion of painting. Keep up the good work- Happy painting to you! -Tom
TheresaJ said…
This is gorgeous, Kim!

Happy holidays to you and yours as well, Kim, and I wish a happy and contented new year, filled with your favorite people, places, and things.

♥ Theresa
Robot Nine said…
Nice work. With your permission I will have to work you into a Robot Nine post of nine of your images, with credit and a link. Let me know, I am at work (hard at it obviously) at the moment.
Rick said…
That's my problem. I always try to put in too much details.

Another nice piece.

You're good.
Robot Nine said…
Kim, just wanted to let you and your readers know that your work will be featured on Robot Nine on December 19, should go live about 1 AM in the morn central time. Hope it sends some folks your way, your art is impressive and deserves a large audience. Alan

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