Harbor Market - A Study

5 X 7 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

This is the first of 3 studies that I painted at the workshop I took a few weeks ago. Our teacher Greg LaRock asked us to simplify the forms, just paint shapes initially and add details last. It sounds simple, just paint a big shape and move on but it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the details I see when I’m painting and before I knew it I was adding in windows and all kinds of other visual junk. Luckily Greg stopped me. I took my brush and painted over all those little details. Immediately the painting improved. This was a very good exercise that I need to repeat often!

Over 20 paintings are now on sale in my Etsy shop, many with free shipping!

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.vanderhoekart.etsy.com


Laurie said…
I'm so glad I clicked on your name from Alex Schaefer's blog! Your work is magnificent. I love how textural it is -- with all those expressive brush strokes. I'm off to explore your archives.
TheresaJ said…
I love the subdued colors and the texture.

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