”ATTRITION” by Kim VanDerHoek.

9 X 12 inch Oil Painting on Raymar linen panel.
Not For Sale YET…

Oh, how I wish I could have more moments like these.

This is the last painting from the Greg LaRock workshop. This painting taught me that at a certain point in the process I should turn my back on the view and focus on what exactly makes the painting work.

The winds were terrible the day I did this one. All that dirt you see imbedded in this painting is wind-blown sand. It was challenging to paint with so much debris in the air but I’m very happy with the result. I’m keeping this one so that I can follow-up on Greg’s other suggestion, which was to turn this one into a big painting.

Wish me luck!

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Ana Tirolese said…
This is a lovely painting and I can see it being turned into a big painting with much success. I am sorry to hear there was so much debris in the air, but it did not seem to hurt your effort at all. You did an marvelous job.
this is a beautiful painting kim, great atmosphere. i can't wait to see a larger version of this.
Greg's on my list of workshop leaders I'd love to take classes from.
This is a nice piece... When you turn it in to a bigger painting will you keep it pretty much the same or add things, etc.??? Always interesting issues to settle.

I'll be looking for the BIG ONE someday in the not too distant future.
Marilyn M. King said…
Your work is outstanding. The wonderful values and hues in your landscapes plus the texture are what I'm drawn to the most. The bold and loose brushwork is what I'm trying to approach with my own work and you are far ahead of me! Glad to find you too!
Bill Brauker said…
Oh yeah, this is really good. Love those brush strokes.
Theresa Rankin said…
Wonderful painting with lots of atmosphere!
indiaartist said…
I am loving all your recent paintings. Your etsy shop is beautiful. Have a wonderful, adventurous and creative new year! TAKE CARE.
TheresaJ said…
This painting is really gorgeous, Kim. I may not have a painter's terms to describe what I like about it, I just know I love it!

I just noticed the new banner in your shop too. Don't know why I didn't notice it earlier, unless you only recently changed it. It's a great one for the holidays and looks fab!
You should be happy with this painting, it is very nice. Sometimes the bad painting conditions become part of a good memory of the experience.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Kim! I'm in agreement with how wonderful a larger version of this would be.
As always, great job!!
Rick said…
When you make it to Brookings, you'll find tons of spots just like this one to paint.

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