Autumn Glory

8 X 10 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$240 for a limited time!

Almost all of the fall leaves are off the trees now. I’m glad I was able to capture them on canvas while they were still on.

The night before I painted this I watched a Richard Schmid painting demonstration DVD. He’s an amazing painter that’s been working for over 40 years. I absolutely love how his paintings emerge from the canvas. I tried a few of his techniques here.

***Reminder*** At the end of the month the prices for my work will increase so if you've had your eye on anything, act soon!

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TheresaJ said…
This is lovely, Kim. :)
Torrie Smiley said…
I love following you blog...your work is just fabulous!

Rick said…
The demand is so great that your prices are going up huh?

I try to increase my prices, but then I don't get any orders.

You just can't make big bucks off a doodle these days.

I love the tree. Very nice. Now go watch another DVD so you can increase your prices some more.
Karen said…
Love the loose, fresh strokes and soft edges here.
I too like those Schmid dvd's. His book has been really helpful to me lately too.
Theresa Rankin said…
So alive!! Love the brushwork here, Kim!..Schmid is really a favorite of mine...I have met him a few times and he is a genuinely nice person!
Anonymous said…
I love this one Kim! Really beautiful, I need to move a couple of these into the mini on my blog. Also... congrats on the No Woman Stands Alone Exhibit. I got the postcard yesterday...all the best of luck, it sounds like a wonderful event:)

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