Landmark Fountain

9 X 12 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

This fountain is a landmark here in the city of Orange. From what I’ve heard it was the fountain that was originally in the middle of our traffic circle. It was recently moved to the front of our new public library.

As a side note, my work was just accepted into a local art gallery. I'll post the dates of the upcoming show soon but, I wanted to announce that I'll be raising my prices at the end of the month to match the gallery pricing. So, if there is anything in my Etsy shop that you've had your eye on, act now.

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto


Theresa Rankin said…
This is really lovely!! So fresh.. Congrats on the gallery...always nice!!
Sheila said…
CONGRATULATIONS on having your wonderful work being accepted to a gallery. I'd be singing from the rooftops if/when that happens to me. Did you at least do a little jig? :o)
Ana Tirolese said…
This is beautiful. Excellent painting.
Beautiful painting, congrats on getting into a gallery! I will have to visit!!
TheresaJ said…
Thanks for visiting/reading my blog feature interview. :)

Lovely painting!
Karen said…
Hi Kim, So glad to come over and find your blog! I love this painting, for the painting itself, but too because my husband grew up right around here and I have really fond memories of him taking me to a festival here one summer.
Lovely! And congrats too. :)

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