5 X 7 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

Today I needed a break from painting outside. It took a while to figure out what I wanted to use for a still life but once I had everything set up the paint began flowing.

My son was very concerned when he saw me taking his blocks out of his room. He asked what I was doing with them and I told him I was going to paint them. He thought I meant that I was going to paint ON them and started to protest. When I was done he was happy to see his blocks paint-free. He asked if the painting I did was for him. How sweet, I thought, he wants one of my paintings. So I told him it was his if he wanted it. To which he replied, “Ummm, no thanks.” Maybe if I had painted a Transformer instead….

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.vanderhoekart.etsy.com


LOL! maybe if it had a remote control and some wheels attached to it! Isn't it fun when the paint just flows - beautiful work.
Sheila said…
aaahhh.... love your little stories behind these painting gems.
TheresaJ said…
LOL -- out of the mouths of babes! Honestly, I really did laugh out loud and my daughter shot me a really strange look. Too funny! Wonderful painting, in any case.
i love this painting kim. i want to paint some shelby's toys and 'treasures', just for me though, not to sell. that's a little sad that he didn't want your painting, boys.. they are so different than girls. don't worry, i'm sure there will be plenty that he won't let go of.
Lots of fun. Very nice. I like the relationship of the car to the blocks.
tonypetersart said…
Very nice little study! Love the candy colors.

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