Copperwood Gallery Reception

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that my paintings were recently accepted into a local gallery. Last night was the opening reception for the show. It was astonishing how many people came to see the show. For a couple of hours it was standing room only in the gallery. I was really touched to see many of my friends stop by to show their support. I even got to meet the very talented Dana Cooper in person for the first time (up until now we’ve only known each other through our blogs). My painting buddy Dori Dewberry and her husband came as well, as did several other friends with their husbands. And I know Nancy Medina would have come if she lived here in California.

Thank you so much for the wonderful support, it meant a lot to me to see everyone there and read your encouraging comments on my blog!

I hope this is the first of many shows to come.


That is awesome Kim! there is nothing as energizing as a room full of people loving your art. I am looking over your shoulder in the photo at your amazing work. I hope the show brings you great success in OC! And you are surely right, I would have loved to be there in my old haunts. Bravo!
Nancy Merkle said…
Congratulations! Sounds like it was a wonderful success.
Kim, I am so happy that it went so well. It is so important to feel the connection to what we do and how it touches all those around us. It was a lovely evening and your work showed outstandingly.
So ride the wave and paint, paint, paint. I was honored to say "I know Kim Vanderhoek. She is really good."
your painting looks so wonderful on the wall!! opening reception are so much fun, and humbling, and nerve racking, and amazingly wonderful. good job, you deserve, congratulations!!
Sheila said…
Standing Room Only! Wow!! You go girl! You don't have to "hope"... we KNOW this is the first of many to come. BTW, you're glowing in this photograph. Your beauty almost outshines your art.
Congratulations!! That is really wonderful! I'm glad you had a great time and hope you get lots of red dots... For sure it's a wonderful opportunity!
Karen said…
It is really gratifying to be accepted into something like this, and to have the work out there, isn't it?! Congratulations, I hope you had a wonderful evening!
Rick said…
If only I could have been there to throw in a few "oohs" and "aahs" at the display of your terrific talent. Congratulations, and nice smile.
Anonymous said…
Hey, a great picture of you and your art looks fantastic framed up. Hope it's a successful gallery experience for you.
Congratulations! And impressive to get in a gallery. Good stuff on the walls behind you. I like the upper one's composition: That backwards 7 that I'm currently into. (And the other reviewers are right; you positively sparkle in this picture.)
Bear Chick said…
Congratulations! I'll try to make it there by the end of the month. I'd love to see your work in person.
Marc R. Hanson said…
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Marc R. Hanson said…
Congratulations Kim! It looks like a wonderful showing of your paintings from what I can see behind you. I wish much success. Keep up the good painting.
TheresaJ said…
Congratulations, Kim! It sounds like it was a wonderful show. You look great, by the way -- very happy and a great smile.

You know, I would have come too if I lived in your area.

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