Just Off Shore

12 X 9 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

Recently, I’ve been painting a lot of reflections. With this painting I had 3 goals: 1) create a strong composition, 2) paint convincing reflections of the foreground rocks and 3) lead the eye to a focal point. What do you think, did I accomplish my mission?

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To answer your question, a resounding YES! Kim, this is beautiful. I like how you used the blues in the water to move the viewer's eye through the composition. The whole effect is soft, but powerful. Such a treat, always, to see your work.
Very nice Kim. I took a good look and it looks like you accomplished all three. I like the atmosphere and the feeling the painting conveys. So I believe there is more here than the academics. You got through the steps and connected. Very calm and peaceful.
Sheila said…
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! It's amazing how you're able to render such a serene scene with a minimal of strokes. A true master.
Karen said…

You got them all, and more. When I opened the page I went Oh!! It is a really strong composition. I love the warmer rocks up front.
Rick said…
Very good Vandie. I'm no expert, but I think that you're getting better and better. You must really work at your art. Remember me when you're rich and famous.
well done, the reflections look great. i like this painting, you've been working in a lot of warm colors lately it was nice to see a change up.
TheresaJ said…
Yes, absolutely! And gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
Silver said…
this is beautiful.

it seems to see life as it is as well- in the strokes and the movement.

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