Morning Under The Oaks

12 X 16 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

The first painting in this post is a 6 X 8 inch study that I did at the Irvine Park (I'll probably list the study on Ebay). I thought it would make a nice large painting. The second painting in this post is the larger 12 X 16 studio version. I changed a few things and pumped up the color a lot to add drama.

It’s been nice working inside when it’s windy and rainy outdoors. Working larger in the studio is easier too because I can spend more time painting, not driving out to a spot, unpacking and then cleaning up. The best part is that there is always a clean bathroom just steps away!

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Kim, these are so dreamy and beautiful. My newest favorites of yours!!!
Hi Kim, oopsie, I think I hit the button twice. I posted a little blog note about your latest paintings!
hugs from Texas...
Kim this is very nice. the study did exactly what it was suppost to...get you to the much more finished studio piece. I really like the decisions you made to bring this subject to the next level. Good job. Beautiful feeling of warmth and shadow.
By the way your turp container is at my house.
Kim, I LOVE the larger of the 2 paintings with the pumped up color. It feels like a crisp day with beautiful light...wonderful!
TheresaJ said…
When the top one appeared first, I immediately loved it, then came the next, and I love it to. It so wonderful to see the same shot in two different perspectives. While I appreciate the fine details of the second, I love the bold and chunky stokes of the first, and I love the color (mauve/pink) in the underbrush. Reminds me of spring, which I'm longing for.

Thanks for your comments on my latest creations. When learning new things, or revisiting old ones, it's nice to get a little encouragement. ♥
LSaeta said…
Thanks for positng thes two paintings. It is great to see your study and then see your changes. I love what you did to the tree trunks and the sun highlights. Beautiful paintings! Congrats.
Hi Kim,
Love your style, love your colors.Simply beautiful.
Karen said…
Yay! More small to large work! I was just over at Janelle's blog looking at hers. I've been thinking of doing more of this, so it's great to see these postings.
I love the larger version of this. It's like you drew out what was good in the small and added to it. It really holds its own (rather than being just a large 'copy' of the small).
Edward Burton said…
WONDERFUL paintings, Kim. Beautiful colors!
TheresaJ said…
Hi Kim -- just stopping by to tell you that you've been tagged. Stop by my blog for details. It's something a bit different from the usual tag game and involves your archived photos. Let's see what you pull out from the past.
Anonymous said…
Kim both are beautiful...I'm not sure why, but the second one really draws me in - I love it!
I hear ya on the proximity of clean bathrooms - for me it's the difference between making jewelry (in my comfy home) or vintage treasure hunting ( and the porta- potties that go along with it):)!
Manon Doyle said…
Hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! You do beautiful work! I'm very impressed!
Wow...I LOVE these... The colors --- especially that lavendar in the study and the light looseness of it just made me taken in a breath!!
Very nice!
Samantha said…
I love the first one so much, the colors are just perfect! Really lovely. :)

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