They're Up To Something

6 X 8 inch Oil Painting on Raymar linen panel.
$140 (Shipping $12 in the U.S.)

The challenge for me in this one was to capture the transparent quality of the onionskin. Instead of a dramatic shift from mid-tone to highlight with these, there was a slow transition between the two, which helped convey the feeling of transparency.

This is another painting that started out with a black-toned panel. I’ve really enjoyed painting on black because it instantly creates drama, which is exciting.

Also, I've been tagged 2 times this month and have yet to get to that task. So, I'm sorry Dana Cooper and Christine Mercer-Vernon, if I have time I'll join in the fun. Thanks for thinking of me!

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This is really lovely, Kim. You captured the transparency of the onion, but what I especially love is the way the temperature shift really turns the form. Well done!
Anonymous said…
Beautifully painted onions, Kim! You did convey that delicate transparency in the skins.
I agree with Dana. The only thing I know is that your photo does not do it justice, having seen it in person.
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Alan said…
I am a bot of an artist but would have forgotten the diggiculty in this work without your comments. You did an excellent job on this, including that pesky skin.

gianlucio said…
Beautiful still life Kim, beautiful execution ... complimenti!
Dear greetings.
Sheila said…
I'm always learning from you Kim. Thanks.
rob ijbema said…
these look good
great light and there is a certain sense of space,like reading between the lines,excellent!
Well, my first reaction was "wow." Yeah, the papery skin is the thing, isn't it?
Theresa Rankin said…
These are absolutely fantastic!!! I can feel them!
Kim, The complementary colors are beautiful. That's interesting you painted it on black. I hope to try that sometime.
Edward Burton said…
Wonderful painting, Kim. You really got the texture of the onion skin. Breutiful color combination too.
Anonymous said…
Who said onions can't be beautiful:) Great work Kim!
I included your "old boots" painting in my new "Romance" treasury...nothing says romance, like a pair of old boots! - I love that painting!!
Here's the link
Kim, these are so lovely they make me cry! just teasing, really nice work as always. I hope you are recovering from all the excitement and fun...
Karen said…
They are pearlesent! Really gorgeous colors and temperatures.
Rick said…
Ogers are like onions. They have layers.

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