California Roll - DSFDF Challenge

5 X 7 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
Created for the DSFDF challenge.

I’ve introduced many people to sushi for the first time. Most of them were very apprehensive about eating it, so I would always start them off with Unagi because it is cooked and sweet. After the first bite most would declare that it was delicious. Soon the plate would be empty then, there would be a pause while the chef prepared the next batch of sushi and my guests would inevitably ask what was in Unagi. When they found out they had just eaten eel and liked it most were game to try more varieties of sushi.

Pictured here is the classic California Roll. If you are a native to this state you’ve probably eaten this as far back as you can remember – I know I have. Sadly, I developed an allergy to avocados and can’t eat the California Roll anymore. Luckily my favorite, Hamachi Sashimi is still totally on the menu!

Do you have a favorite type of sushi or do you avoid it altogether?

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Great job on your sushi and soy sauce..beautiful color, nice strokes and thick paint...a real winner, Kim!
Manon Doyle said…
Love the painting Kim! I'm a big sushi fan! Sometimes I eat it twice a week!! I love the spicy tuna roll or the specialty fire cracker roll!
Sheila said…
I Kim I love the deep purple background. Such a perfect compliment to the delectable sushi. I like the dragon and spider rolls.
Ah, Grasshopper. I was born in Tokyo. and, interestingly, whilst the ingredients are the freshest and most amazing in Tokyo, creativity is the most abundant in California. And I've had sushi in CA, DC, WY (trout sushi...), London, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Quito, Monte Carlo, and, oh yes, Tokyo. It's a hobby. Also, I love the sauciness of your painting; how the suce runs over the plate. Keep rejoicing in sushi! The omega 3s are great for you!
Hi Kim,

Oooh, I love the color and texture in your painting! for sushi, I like the spicy tuna rolls, Yum!
elsiee said…
Yes Sauciness! Connie captured the essence of your painting perfectly!

Eel is THE BEST, but you really do have to sneak it up on people, that's how I first tried it!
elsiee said…
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Speaking of texture, what's the surface you painted on? It has extra richness.
Rick said…
Sushi? No, no, no!

You're just a real painting machine aren't you.
Karen said…
Oh I love the sushi painting! Like a little jewel! I too am wondering what surface you used here?
Spicy tuna for me, too.
Beautiful work Kim!!! I love this one. Have you eaten at Hapi Sushi at Laguna Beach yet? Carlos proposed to me there. ; )
Kim this is great. Great texture, color and sushi. I had know idea you knew so much about sushi. You are quite the adventurer.
r garriott said…
Nicely painted! I loke your loose brushstrokes.

Allergic to avocados??? A fate worse than death! (it's one of my four main food groups!)
SILVER said…
i think it looks really neat. maybe you like to see my own version of sushi in my food blog since i can't paint like you..

from One Day at a Time/
LSaeta said…
Lovely painting Kim! Can't wait to see it posted on DSFDF. It looks yummy!
TheresaJ said…
Great painting, Kim! I love sushi, and I've introduced a lot of friends/family to it as well. Hamachi is a fav, as is unagi, soft shell crab (in any roll), tekka maki, etc. The first time I took my youngest brother, when he was in his late teens, he picked up the whole ball of wasabi and said, yum, guacamole, and popped it into his mouth before I, or my ex, could stop him. What happened next was hilarious, and I know I shouldn't laugh, but it was pretty darn funny. After he recovered, he said it was the best natural high he'd ever had. Good recovery!
I love your sushi. It makes me hungry!
James Parker said…
Nice work, the texture. and for sushi, my pescado needs to be fried of broiled.
I love your paintings - love to feature one on my blog?
Beautiful sentiment to your work.
Great painting Kim. Not a big fan of sushi, but maybe I'll give it a try.
Theresa Rankin said…
You did a wonderful job on the sushi...which I love, from my years in Hawaii and prepared by native Japanese. Your brushwork is great as is the color...I was a little intimidated to paint it myself...and I must say a little busy!
Kim VanDerhoek said…
Connie and Karen - the surface is bumpy because I'm reusing a canvas panel. I gessoed over an old painting that wasn't successful and didn't sand down the lumps just because I wanted to see if they would help me keep it loose. William Wray will sometimes add a lot of texture to his panels to keep everything loose and I wanted to try it myself.
Edward Burton said…
Wonderful job with the sushi - sorry to hear about your becoming
alergic to avacados. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the beach challenge!
Karen said…
Hi Kim, I'd definitely keep that surface in the's really cool!

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