One Red Pear and a Blog Award

5 X 7 inch oil painting on textured canvas panel.
$20 (plus $12 shipping in the U.S.)

With about an hour to paint I needed a set up that I could paint quickly without a lot of fuss. Fellow blogger, Torrie Smiley, once said that when she can’t decide what to paint she paints a pear. I liked that idea and put it to use the other morning. It was a fun exercise.

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto

Edward Burton, Marian Fortunati and Liz Holm all let me know over the weekend that they passed along the Passion For Painting award to me. I am really touched that these talented painters thought of me! Thank you!

Here are the 7 things I love:
1. The sound of my son's giggles
2. Kind-hearted people
3. Living in beautiful California
4. Dark chocolate
5. Being part of this wonderful group of artists who blog
6. Handmade jewelry
7. Painting, painting, painting!

(I'd pass the award along but I think everyone I know has already gotten it.)


LOVE the colors and the luscious brushwork in that pear!!

Paint on! Let us know what happened at the show too..
LSaeta said…
Congratulations on your award (x3) and also your adorable painting. I think I need to start painting pears. Looks like fun!
Great advice on pear painting, Kim, and beautiful warm color on your fruit. Congrats on your award! so richly deserved.
hugs from Texas...
Sheila said…
What great colors you've chosen for your "quickie". Congratulations on the well deserved award talented and passionate one!
L.Holm said…
Great list, Kim! I like the pear idea, too. Congrats on your awards. Good things come in 3's :-)
elsiee said…
love your pear! and I'm not surprised you painted that little red boat, it's magnetic I took so many pictures of it as the light changed! taking pictures makes me wish I could paint... ah well...
TheresaJ said…
ooohh, love the gemmy tones. Very nice!

Congrats on the award, a well deserved honor. :)
whimsicalpam said…
Great post Kim!
I love the colors in this one:)
Dave King said…
A fine painting. Well done.
Congradulations- well deserved- love your painting and your style. "Red Pear" is lucious!!!
Liliana Lucki said…

Soy pintora de Argentina.

Manon Doyle said…
Congrats on your award!! I really think the colors are terrific in this painting!
Megha Chhatbar said…
First of all, Congratulations for our award. The colors are bright and I love your painting..BTW I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook
Theresa Rankin said…
Congrats on the award!! I just came by to see if there were any flowers painted lots of BEAUTIFUL plein air pieces and the pears are luscious!! Keep up the great work and good luck at the show.
Edward Burton said…
Beautiful color combination with the pear, Kim. Congratulations for your awards - wonderful list too.

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