Spring Puddles

10 X 8 inch oil painting on linen panel.

Even though our winters here in Southern California are very mild, I have to say that I absolutely live for spring! We had some rainy days this winter and as a result the hills everywhere are green, it looks like all the photos I’ve seen of Ireland. Right now the wild flowers are just starting to make an appearance. Soon the green hills will be covered in purple lupine, yellow mustard and our state flower the orange California poppy. Then the deciduous trees will sprout new bright green leaves. The temperatures will stay in the 70s. The warm golden sun and blue skies will make it impossible to stay inside for very long. This is my favorite time of year!

The scene in this painting caught my attention as I was driving my son home from preschool. It is actually an unkept piece of property that was slated to have several homes built on it but the city wouldn’t approve the developers plans so, now it is up for sale and vacant. I was drawn to this because of the puddles. With all the water and reflections I’ve painted lately, I wanted to see if I could pull off a small puddle.

What do you think? Did I succeed?

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Did you succeed?

Hehehe only to ask it, ... hehehe!

It's gorgeous, together with your story it really fits the whole scene!

Keep it up!
Janelle Goodwin said…
Hi Kim, Absolutely, you succeeded! I really like the loose, fresh feel of this painting. And your love of the spring season is very apparent. Radiant!
r garriott said…
Kim, it's gorgeous! Very successful.
Manon Doyle said…
I think you succeeded big time!! Gorgeous work!
Sheila said…
You are so skilled with color. I love how you captured the reflection of the sky onto the puddles. I also love the way you saw a scene passed by many but only you saw its potential beauty.
Marc R. Hanson said…
Nice work Kim! Raises my anticipation for our spring to come.
LSaeta said…
I love it! Your puddles are amazing. Great colors too, but that is no surprise.
I really like this one. The road takes me back and the puddles keep me on the road. Love all your wonderful greens. You have a good eye for a scene. Very successful : )
Jill Berry said…
Very nice! Great composition and big brushstrokes.
Thanks for checking out my blog.
wow! before i even read you post i said 'fabulous puddles'...really wonderful perspective on this one too. love this painting!
Oh, yes, you succeeded! I want to travel around that bend in the road and see what is there. Also, I can almost smell the freshness in the air. Wonderful piece.
I so admire your landscape paintings! Such wonderful brushstrokes.

...and I'm very envious of your warm weather!
Absolutely, you did a great job. You captured the essence of the scene, puddles and all.
Bill Guffey said…
Beautiful, Kim. Love the puddles. You did well.
Edward Burton said…
It's a very beautiful painting, Kim. Wonderful job with the colors, composition and brushwork!
I agree, Kim, this is a beautiful work! Have you thought about making this one bigger?
Karen said…
You absolutely got it. This painting is really striking, and feels so confident!! I also love that sky area near the top of the trees, how it comes back over them.
Anonymous said…
Great job Kim...I actually feel as if I'm in the car. I knew before I read the post what was intended.
Really great work!!
Celeste Bergin said…
beautiful...I love the big chunks of understated color
Oh Kim, this is delicious! I love how puddles reflect the sky, and the trees in back have such gravitas, if I can say that. It's sort of an upside-down world, with the sky on the ground. :)
TheresaJ said…
You definitely did. Great job!

I too love when the green hills here are covered with lupines and California poppies. Hope you make them your focus in some future paintings.

Lupines always remind me of a children's book I used to read my kids when they were little -- called The Lupine Lady. Really a lovely book with gorgeous illustrations. I miss reading to my kids, but I've got all their books packed safely away for grandbabies some day... but hopefully not anytime soon! :)
Caio Fernandes said…
what can i say... its beautful ,very senssitive,
please keep painting , and exibiting....

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