Two More Irvine Wash Paintings

TOP: 10 X 8 inch oil painting on linen panel.

BOTTOM: 6 X 8 inch oil painting on linen panel.

In my Etsy shop I’ve added a new category called “Affordable Studies.” In this section are small paintings that are very budget-friendly, most of which were used as studies for larger works or painting exercises. Check it out HERE.

These two paintings are the ones I blogged about in my last post. Sometimes I can leave a study unfinished and feel fine about it, but not this time. These two sat on my easel staring at me for a few weeks. When I started working on them again I finally figured out why I couldn’t just put them away and be done. Apparently, they both contained an important lesson about color, one that I would have missed if I hadn’t gone back into them.

I needed to see how dark I could push certain values while still maintaining the effect of foreground, middle ground and background. Also, I had more time to make decisions about warm and cool colors in these, time that I didn’t have when I was on location initially. I wanted to see how far I could go with my warms and cools and I realized that I could use colors that were much more saturated than I originally thought. These were a great lesson! Now I can’t wait to go out and apply what I’ve learned.

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Sheila said…
Wow... these are gorgeous and you're so generous in selling your studies at such a reasonable price. Another artist I need to continue saving my pennies for.
These are beautiful, Kim! With all the lessons you learned, I can't wait to see what comes next!!
Audrey said…
Just went to your shop - your paintings are amazing!! Wish I could paint like that.
whimsicalpam said…
I love the warmer colors in these, very pretty!...and I think that the addition of the affordable studies category, is a great idea.
and yes...Red does have a rolls or plain glazed are his favorites:)
He's also a big fan of the Dunkin Donuts munchkins!
These are a wonderful pair. you really got the atmosphere of the mountains back in the distance.
I think that often paintings sit there perculating.... just waiting for our minds to catch up with them...
These turned out really nicely. Lessons taught that I imagine most of us need to learn.
Although knowing and continually applying I think are to very separate things...
Great job, Kim!
James Parker said…
Hola, Kim. I haven't been by for a while and shame on me. Your work has such a nice, comfortable feeling. Some artwork seems to say "YAAAA, look at me..I'm hot stuff!" Yours seems to say "Welcome. Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and visit a while" I like that. And many thanks for being a "blogalong"
LSaeta said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments about my city hall painting. Your paintings are so serene and so beautiful. I love your color selection!
Karen Winters said…
Nice job, Kim. They evoke a very quiet peaceful feeling.

Karen Winters
Kim, your work is outstanding.
TheresaJ said…
These are really gorgeous, Kim. The really do capture the reflective water so well... makes me want to dunk my toes in. :)

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