Do You ACEO?

What is an ACEO?
ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. They are cards of artwork measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches, about the same size as a standard playing card. These cards are very collectible since they don’t take up much space and are an affordable way of collecting original art.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from fellow artists about selling online in this economy. (Which is kind of funny because I wish I had all the answers!) What I can tell you is, since the DOW took a dive last year my ACEO sales have picked up to the point where I can’t paint them quickly enough.

Posted here are two of my most recent ACEOs. While these were created using two larger paintings as the basis for them I will also paint these outside on location. They are especially handy when I want to try out several compositions before I start a larger painting.

If you haven’t tried painting an ACEO I highly recommend giving it a shot!

2.5 x 3.5 inch ACEO/ATC original oil painting on canvas paper.
$18 (Shipping $1 within the U.S.)

To purchase these ACEOs and see more of my work log onto


L.Holm said…
Excellent tip, Kim. Thanks for the info. These are beautiful. Don't know how you ACEOers get so much in such a small format. Will have to give it a go. :-)
Edward Burton said…
These are WONDERFUL, Kim! It's good to hear that they are in such demand from you --- maybe I should give it a try.
elsiee said…
LOVE the little onions ACEO - dumb question here - is there a standard frame size to fit these little beauties??
Anonymous said…
Great job Kim and way to work with the economy:) I believe that any good business can weather a bad economy, if they're willing to "go with the flow". Times like these will hopefully force the necessary changes into our business world. More buying from small businesses with ethical practices and more emphasis on quality and customer service.
I also think that ACEO's are a great way to see what you like and then buy a larger painting. Something tells me, that in years to come, these will be highly valuable collector's items:)
Manon Doyle said…
Your ACEO's pack a powerful punch! They're so beautiful! I haven't ventured into this yet but I sure love looking at them!
Jill Berry said…
Thanks for covering this subject, I had to google the term last week because I wasn't familiar with it. Nice work on them also.
Sheila said…
Dang girl! These are great! These are what ACEO should be. Pieces of precious very collectible art. Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Karen said…
Thanks Kim for showing these...they seem like they'd be good to work on, too, when we don't have a huge amount of time. I'm going to cut up some small sizes right now!
Kim VanDerhoek said…
Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments, they always inspire me!

Elsiee - You know there didn't used to be frames for these but now that they've become so collectible you can find mats and frames everywhere. While I'm not sure what size is standard, I know there are Etsy and Ebay sellers who offer different products for displaying ACEOs.
Janelle Goodwin said…
How very clever! I bet these little beauties look wonderful in a frame. Thanks for showing these, Kim.
Kim they're beautiful. I started a few last fall. Yours are great.
Rob Hazzard said…
Kim, I'm definitely going to give these a shot. It's funny, but sometimes it seems that there's not enough time to even finish a 6x6inch, so these would work out great!
Those ARE tiny!! but lovely and a great idea at a great price... Thanks again for the great tips!!
Kim, these little ACEOs are beautiful! You have so much information in such a tiny little space, and so reasonably priced!
bendystar said…
Ah Ha! I was wondering how you manage to sell such wonderful paintings so inexpensively! People probably spend more on the frames! I am also working a lot smaller too- quick studies on canvas...Its also helpful when you're trying to paint during your child's nap times!

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