Jockeying For Position

14 X 11 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$450 (FREE shipping in the U.S.)

Painted for the DSFDF challenge. Sometimes the hardest part of painting is choosing a subject. Before I started this I had been looking through my photo library trying to find an image to use as inspiration for a painting. At the last minute I checked the DSFDF blog and Karin had posted a new photo for us to work from. I was actually relieved that the choice had been made for me!

I haven’t had time to participate in the last few challenges but last week I had time to work on this one.

About a year ago a family member was kind enough to give me the gift of a 3-day workshop with Ken Auster. It couldn’t have come at a better time! I was primed and ready to hear what Ken had to say and after the workshop my paintings immediately improved. Ken is a master at painting cityscapes and everything I learned from him I applied here.

Have you take a workshop or class that has helped take your work to the next level? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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L.Holm said…
Wonderful version, Kim, of the challenge. Your own lovely vision and brushwork.
I'm taking occasional classes with a wonderful abstract painter, which has helped tremendously with my approach to painting. Plus it taught me that an instructor doesn't have to paint in my medium or style to have valuable lessons to share.
Manon Doyle said…
Love this painting Kim! Your challenges are so much fun to follow!
I went to an artist's weekend workshop years ago. I took a class with Robert Burridge which was a lot of fun!! I'd love to do a retreat!
love the painting -makes me think of my yellow volkswagon beetle- fav class was etchings year ago!
I'm glad you were able to participate in the latest DSFDF challenge. You did a wonderful job.
Taking a workshop from Ken Auster is a dream of mine. I'm glad you got to do it!!
Hope you are feeling good!
Jill Berry said…
This is a great painting, it draws you right in.
Since you asked about workshops- I am currently posting about one by Donald Demers.
Angela Elledge said…
I really like the contrast of colors of the taxis with the background skyscrapers. Well done, Kim!
I think this is wonderful. The buildings really capture my interest.

You asked if we've taken a class or workshop that has taken our work to the next level. Well, yes I have. I'm a glass artist and took a Patty Gray class last work has improved tremendously.

Regardless your medium, taking workshops and classes are invaluable.
Lori Forester said…
This is terrific. The looseness of the painting is beautiful. I haven't taken a workshop in a long time but I hope that I will be able to get into one this summer at St Lawrence School of Art in Brockville. I want to take a chalk pastel workshop - I haven't worked with them in 20 years and want to get back into them but feel a bit lost. I'm hoping it will give me the jumpstart I need.
Thanks for sharing your lovely painting.
Edward Burton said…
Great job, Kim - wonderful colors!
I took a workshop from Ken a few years ago - he's a wonderful teacher and it's amazing to see him start and finish a painting in a about 2 hours!
Kim, Great job on this one! Love how you handled the buildings, great atmosphere!
I love the light in this painting. There is a calm and nostalgic moddiness about it.
rob ijbema said…
i love the air in this!
dominique eichi said…
very nice version for DSFDF
Sheila said…
Yay!! I love the colors you've chosen for this piece. howya feeling?
That must have been a treat...!! He's a master of cityscapes!!

You really captured this one.. When I saw it on Karin's DSFDF blog it stood out. Great job, Kim!!
Kim VanDerhoek said…
Hi Everyone. Thanks for all the kind compliments! I've been trying to make the rounds to everyone's blog but I usually run out of gas before I make it to everyone.

I love reading about your experiences with other teachers and workshops! Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

Sheila, I'm feeling good now. Not as much morning sickness I just get tired easily. Thanks for asking!

And yes, taking a workshop from Ken was a treat indeed. He's very no-nonsense with a direct approach. Seeing how he paints was awsome too, he lays the strokes down with conviction, there's not a lot of noodling around with little details. He has a DVD that I want to get to refresh my memory of the workshop.
Hi Kim, Great job. Looks like your time with Ken paid off. Miss you. We are almost done with all the house work and I hope to paint soon. Still want to meet at the filling station.
Rick said…
I like it very much. Makes me think of a sunny, summer. late afternoon.
Mary said…
I'm so glad to have found your blog via your comment on Nancy Medina's blog. I am a relatively new painter, working to improve my land and water scapes. But I would love to try city scenes as well--I find renewal and joy in "wild" places, but am a city girl at heart.

My best workshops have been with Gainesville, FL landscape artist, Linda Blondheim. She is an excellent, down-to-earth teacher as well as the most generous artist to other artists I know.

I hope your next trimester is similar to the second trimesters I experienced--a burst of energy before the serious nesting instinct kicked in full-time.

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