Stars and Stripes on Glassell

10 X 8 inch oil painting on clay board.
$30 (plus $12 shipping in the U.S.)

Copperwood Artware Gallery in Orange has several of my paintings hanging inside. Recently, the owner asked if I would set up my easel in front of the gallery to attract attention to the show inside, to which I enthusiastically agreed. Although I had a fever and a cold that day, I had the opportunity to talk to passersby about painting and to direct them into the gallery to see more of my work (I’ve got to admit that was a very cool first-time experience for me).

This painting is a sidewalk scene in front of Copperwood looking towards the traffic circle in the center of Orange. It was challenging painting while talking to so many people (I don't know how painting teachers manage it). My head wasn’t very clear with the fever I had either, which is probably why I decided to try painting on clay board for the first time.

The board gave me a lot of trouble because there isn’t much tooth to it and my paint kept sliding around. I like thick paint and am finding that canvas panels primed with a few extra coats of gesso give me the tooth I need. I enjoy painting on linen as well.

What is your preferred surface and do you make it yourself?

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It sounds like a lot of fun to paint outside of the gallery! I'm thinking the gallery is going to want to hang this one too...great job!
My preferred support is panel but then you have to frame them so lately I've been painting on 12" X 12" box canvas.
Hope you are feeling better!
LSaeta said…
Oh my gosh! Not only did you set up outside, but you painted, talked to visitors AND had a fever! You are one dedicated artist! And one more thing ... you also painted a great painting. I have no idea how you accomplished so much ... but good for you! I love the light you depicted in this scene - it is absolutely wonderful!
Karen said…
I find the same thing, that this type of surface causes a whole lot of sliding around (and sometimes then a lot of frustration), at least at fist! But the effect you get here is really great...I like the look of the paint that feels really fluid, where edges merge.
I like oil primed linen a lot, and painting over old painting with a coat of titanium gives a really good surface too.
I feel likes it is time for the Fourth of July parade in quaint nearby Bristol, Rhode Island. How lovely.
Sheila said…
Wow Kim! What a trooper you were. I hope you're feeling better now. I could tell you're a people person and that why it would be easy for people to approach you and ask questions.

When I do my 'meet the artist' in store plein air paintings, I just use the inexpensive canvasboards to paint on.
Gwen Bell said…
This really turned out great, Kim. And what a wonderful experience! Love the loose blue shadows on the porch and the lighting. Your strong composition pulls the eye across the porch very nicely!

I used to use Clayboard with Guouche for greeting card work but never with oils. I'd imagine that was pretty challenging! Lately I've been using Masonite with 3 coats of Acrylic base painted in different directions and it give me a good tooth. Since so much of my work is experimental at the phase, masonite is the biggest bang for my buck: 1 sheet = 30 6X6 canvases for $4.00!!!!!
Robin Roberts said…
oooh la la! luscious paint and beautiful warm and cool.
elsiee said…
I love that gallery and now I realize I'm pretty sure I'd seen your work there - its' such a lovely painting, you've really captured the essence of this street!
Wow Kim, you painted this while you were ill? I love how you can take soft colors and still produce such depth and realism. This makes me homesick for Orange! get better soon! drink some orange juice! ; ) sorry, my little joke there...
Manon Doyle said…
Hi Kim!
Love the new painting! You did a fantastic job considering your cold and the chatty!
I really like cradled art board which is very much like clay board. I usually give it four coats of gesso. I need something durable to keep up with all the mixed media I use!
Wow Kim you are a multi tasker! Love this piece. It has a great feeling of Old Town. Nice brush work and perspective. Love the way you edited the scene.
I find when using different surfaces that I approach them differently. Slick surfaces gives me lots of texture and often the paint is much thinner than on a gessoed canvas which allows for thicker paint. The other thing I see with clay and gessoed boards is the paint gets sucked up into the surface rather than float on the surface. It is definitely different and fun to play with.
You are a dare devil to try that and demo and have a fever and talk. Good job!
Michelle said…
Wonderful painting Kim...with a nice "small-town" feel to it. I haven't tried the clayboard. I like raymar panels or the thick artboards that I apply gesso to. Hope you are feeling better.
Steele Lindsey said…
Very nice job! I feel I could just walk on into the painting! I know you were a great asset! Keep up the wonderful work.
tonypetersart said…
Hi Kim, looks good!
r garriott said…
A very nice little scene you portrayed and I can almost smell the fresh spring air! You are vey brave to paint in front of people (I get too nervous, people standing right behind me and expecting a painting miracle).

You asked about grounds: I prefer stretched canvas with a bit of 'tooth' to it, and when I worked larger I built and stretched my own (3 coats of good gesso and sanding after each coat). Lately I just buy the smaller canvases, Art Alternatives has an inexpensive gallery wrap style (no staples on the sides). Years ago I painted on masonite but found that brush would slip around a lot; like painting on glass.
Rick said…
I prefer paper, and no, only God can grow a tree. As always, I like your stuff.

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