Taking A Breather

6 X 4 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

Here’s another in the bird series. The dark mask and all the colors on this Cedar Waxwing caught my attention. Doesn’t he look like he’s about to fly off and hunt?

On of my goals in painting this series is to loosen up my brushwork. I’ve been getting tighter and tighter in my landscapes. After going through a bunch of paintings from a couple of years ago I realized that I was loosing the bold brushwork that I started out with. I’ve been trying to keep the number of brush strokes to a minimum with these birds, to be lay down the paint with confidence and leave it there. Honestly, these are a blast to paint! They might just become a regular subject.

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LSaeta said…
Lovely painting. I like the loose strokes and your colors are exquisite!
Janelle Goodwin said…
I like the bird series, Kim. And the bold, few-strokes approach is wonderful. Wow!
Kim, I really like you technique, painting these little fellows.

I have your thumbnails on my blog,I now can see your latest work. Love the colors!
Chuck Dilmore said…
he's lovely!
beautiful job!

Bear Chick said…
I love the texture in your bird series. And of course, the colors! Glad to hear you're past the worst of the morning sickness.
Lovely color and bold brushstrokes...a winner!
Manon Doyle said…
Great job Kim! The brushstrokes are terrific!
Michelle said…
Beautiful work Kim. Excited to see your work all over etsy - very cool!
Already SOLD!! Too wonderful!!

I passed on the KREATIV BLOGGER award to you. Enjoy!
This is a wonderful painting, Kim!
I like the brushstrokes like you use them here very much!
Love these birds and your new looser approach. It works for you! AND congratulations on your pregnancy!
I love the expressive brush stokes which enhance the sensitive nature of this subject.
What a great painting and congrats on the sale too.
Karen said…
The brushstrokes are right on here. Go with it!
Sheila said…
Beautiful. I love the gradation of color down the chest onto the tail. I've always loved big bold strokes of paint too!
Gary Keimig said…
wonderdul bird paintings. Great handling of texture and still maintaining a life look to your subject.
r garriott said…
I love these bird paintings! Wonderful colors and such lively characters.

Please tell us your secret methods to loosen up. I've been trying to loosen up, lighten up... ack! Harder than it sounds.
Mary said…
Glad you are feeling better, Kim. And your current work is a great example to all the rest of us as painters. You are not only making adjustments to your pregnancy, but you are finding ways to use this time to advance your art--brilliant.

Both birds are wonderful, but the intensity of the second bird's face is irresistible--the powerful tonal and color contrast and the masterful, spare brushstrokes combine to bring him vibrantly alive.
Kim VanDerhoek said…
R. Garriott - your comment cracks me up! My big secret to loosening up is a combination of mixing up huge piles of paint and using a large very scratchy and slightly unpredictable brush.

I'm surprised you want to loosen up because your style seems very well defined.
whimsicalpam said…
I love the loose strokes that somehow give these guys more personality...more to imagine, perhaps?
If you're searching for subjects, I have a 400 lb Blue Jay who's eating me out of house and home:) I'd be happy to send him West!
Thanks so much for stopping by the treasury:)

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