Keeping an Eye Out

5 X 7 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$25 (plus $12 shipping in the U.S.)

This cardinal is keeping watch. I wonder if he’s protecting a nest nearby or if he’s looking for food?

I’m sorry I haven’t been around visiting everyone’s blogs! We’ve started a large home improvement project and with my son out of preschool for the summer I don’t have a lot of time to paint or to blog. Seeing everyone’s work always inspires me to paint and I’ve really missed getting around the blog-o-sphere. Thanks for each and every comment, I do read them and they always brighten my day!

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Sheila said…
No worries.... we don't want any more stress than you have to deal with already now do we lil' mum? A little boy to chase after, a home improvement project [more room for the soon to be arriving addition?] and all the other daily chores. Take care of yourself and paint. We'll still be here. Love this birdie!
Kim, I love your bird series and look forward to the next. This little guy looks very spunky, good reds on him.
Manon Doyle said…
We miss you to Kim! I think it's a little harder to keep up with a blog in the summer.
Love your cardinal. It's such a beautiful bird. Great job!
Kim, your work brightens my day. I love your colors, especially on this cardinal. Great job.
I love the color in this. He looks like a truly wise bird. Nice composition and brushwork.
Kim you always have constructive comments and I will take them as they come. Enjoy!
LSaeta said…
We have missed you my dear. Looking forward to more details on your big project. I love the painting, the colors are magnificient!
Edward Burton said…
Very beautiful, Kim - great composition.
Angela Elledge said…
As he is looking out, I feel as though I am spying on him through a window screen...beautiful.
Kim, this beautiful, I love the brush work and colors.
Rick said…
This blog is for the birds. Very nice work. As always, I like your work.
TheresaJ said…
No apologies necessary, Kim... I've been away for a bit of time myself and was pleased, on my return, to see that you are painting birds, one of my favorite subjects, and they are gorgeous! I truly love them!!! I hope you will do some card sets with them eventually (or perhaps I should hop over to your shop to see if you already have...).

Good luck with what you're working on at home.
I so love cardinals. This is just lovely!
Gary Keimig said…
very nice cardinal. great use of reds and greens. Love it.
elsiee said…
what a wonderfully playful expression you've captured on this little wonder... love him!
Rob Hazzard said…
Kim, I too have the kids home now for the summer and I'm finding it hard to carve out the time to get any painting done, nevermind the blogging end of it....

Love your cardinal and the lush foliage backdrop.
Mary said…
I have also been away, Kim, and it was all I could do to publish a few blog posts of my own. Now I am just getting back to visiting a few other blogs.

Seeing what you are doing is a top priority as I get back to normal life. I love your use of color and your masterful brushwork--not to mention the delight of seeing your bird series. They are all very alive looking and truly individual. Thank you.
Your birds are so fabulous... (no surprise!!)
I've lapsed and hadn't seen them. Hope you and baby are doing well!

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