Along The Pacific Crest Trail

8 X 10 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$250 (plus $12 shipping in the U.S.)

My husband and I have hiked along many parts of the Pacific Crest Trail in California. The trail stretches from Mexico north all the way to Canada. This portion of the trail is in the mountains of Big Bear. My husband went on a three-hour hike down this path while I sat under a tree and painted.

A few of you asked about the house project that we are working on. Like so many families in Orange County, our house is small with barely enough room for our family of 3 (in spite of what you might see on TV, most OC families don’t live in mansions). My husband and I both run businesses out of our house too.

While an addition isn’t in the budget these days (neither is moving with the real estate market in it’s current state) we’ve decided to rearrange several rooms in the house so that the baby will have her own room and won’t have to share a tiny bedroom with my 4-year old son (yup, we’re having a girl!). That means scraping popcorn off of one ceiling, taking down an original 1970’s redwood ceiling (it sounds a lot cooler than it looks, trust me), dry walling, texturing, removing a horrible brown squeaky ceiling fan, installing lots of can lights, moving tons of furniture around, moving cable TV and internet connections and painting, painting, painting. My poor husband hasn’t had a day off in a month!

Hopefully, everything will be finished in the next few weeks and I can get back to painting, posting and visiting everyone’s blogs.

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Manon Doyle said…
You are a busy girl Kim! Renovations can be such a pain but the payoffs are great!

Love the painting. It's hard to think about snow right now but I know it's no that far away!
Sheila said…
Eeeee! A girl how exciting!

oh, as for the painting. I love it and I also love the Big Bear area but I didn't know about this trail that stretched across the State.

Okay, back to you have a girl.... Eee! how exciting! Congrats to the whole family.
LSaeta said…
WE just finished our last remodel (I swear it is our last ...) so I wish you lots of luck and fun! The rewards are always well worth it. Your painting is nice too!
Michelle said…
Beautiful work Kim! Best of luck on the house. I know how that can take up all of one's time. Hope you also have some time to take it easy. (Yay, a girl!)
I have hiked on that trail!
Good luck with all your house renovations!
yay a girl!! girls are so sweet (ok, maybe i'm biased ;) )


great painting, love that path, that pine and that snow!! wonderful colors too!
Well congrats on so many blessings, first and foremost most excited about the baby; secondly about all the good work going on in the house; thirdly the fact you and your husband hike together, fab; and lastly your beautiful painting and the fact that you will be painting again later. Very full life - this is good.
Rick said…
Very, very nice - as usual. The Pacific Coast Trail runs not far from my office window.

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